Usage ideas

You’re going out to the restaurant and you’d like to keep the kids busy while they’re waiting for the meal. Before you leave, put a couple crayons in an EKÖ SÄK, a couple small toys and a colouring book. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be better behaved than usual but at least you’ll have a handy bag full of fun things to offer!

Your jewels and accessories will be so pretty inside reusable EKÖ SÄK bags.

PS: show this to your spouse to give him a subtle message

You don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning (it happens to the best of families) and you’d like to bring a toast in to work ? EKÖ SÄKs are ready to hold your toasts or bagels and all of the peanut butter and jelly that you’ve put on them. When you get back home, just pop the bag in the wash. Be careful, you might no longer want to eat breakfast at home.

Bring your reusable paper towel (here a KLIIN) to work by inserting it into your EKÖ SÄK. It will not dry and will allow you to pick up small damage.

Insert a icepack into a reusable bag of the « Appetite of Labrador » format to keep snacks cool. Here, fresh homemade smoothie for a healthy snack!

EKÖ SÄK Reusable Bags for Snacks and Sandwiches tolerate the heat of the iron set to « wool » in order to affix your identification labels.

Organize a practical troubleshooting kit in case of sores. It will be waterproof and fun.

Whether at home, at the cottage or at the RV, use the EKÖ SÄK reusable bags for candy, crisp and popcorn.

Your cute pet needs veterinary care? House all the arsenal of medication needed for comfort in a convenient reusable bag.

Buying in companies that offer food and bulk products is an example for our toddlers and it’s not more expensive!

One less crisis management because you thought to bring some toys for your outing to the restaurant or for the long drive. You are a wonderful mom!

… until he escapes them under the seat of the car ….

Your new little puppy is in full swing learning new tricks and you’d like to carry around treats to reinforce good behaviour? Nothing’s more simple than grabbing a couple milkbones and putting them in an EKÖ SÄK.